Various Kind Of Home Made Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused Water: 98 Delicious Recipes for Your Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

Various Kind Of Home Made Fruit Infused Water

Recently, infused water seems to be one of the most popular drink for its vitamin and refreshing taste. It can be a little bit pricey for you to buy the sold infused water, but making similar infused water is not that easy. Susan Marque comes with her Fruit Infused Water book as a solution.

Various kinds of infused water recipes

What do you have in mind when you want to make a bottle of infused water? Most people would directly think about lemon, lime, or mint. It is indeed tasty, but you must get bored to drink the same taste over and over again. Susan Marque offers you 80 delicious and fresh fruit infused water recipes in her book.

Fruit Infused Water
Squeeze the most out of every drop, with:
  • 98 flavorful fruit infused water recipes, like Basil Mint Infusion
  • 10 must-have tips for making foolproof fruit infused water
  • On-the-go guidelines for bringing your fruit infused water wherever your day takes you
  • 10 tasty snack ideas for your leftover fruit
Making a bottle of infused water seems to be easy, in fact, you need to choose the right fruits and prepare it well to get the perfect taste. Not all fruits can be great ingredients in a bottle of infused water. Susan Marque shares her knowledge about the best fruits for infused water.

To make it fresh and tasty, Susan Marque in her Fruit Infused Water also shares some tips and tricks. The tips include the guidelines to choose the fruits, prepare the ingredients, and how and whenmaking it so you can have a bottle of fresh infused water every day. What is a favorite taste? The fresh and mint taste with lemon and basil leaf can be a great recipe. There are also some recipes for you who love sweet and fresh smell of the fruits.

It is better than it's expected

Indeed, Susan Marque actually offers 80 recipes to make infused water. In fact, her book can get you more than just those recipes. There is a guideline to choose the right fruit. It is very important for not all fruits can be great ingredients for infused water. Some soft fruits would be easily dissolved into the water. In addition, for creative readers the 80 recipes would get them even hundred types of infused water every day. We can just mix the recipes to make our own version.

Susan Marque suggests us to prepare the fresh fruits together with the an excellent quality if infused water bottle. The common infused water bottles usually come with 80 ml volume so we can make the stock for a day long. It is also suggested for you to use a fresh and cool mineral water to keep the fruits fresh and smell good from the Fruit Infused Water recipes.



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