Fruit Belly: A Guide To Shape Your Abdominal Muscles

Fruit Belly: A 4-Day Quick Fix To Relieve Bloating Caused By High Carb, High Fruit Diets

Fruit Belly: A Guide To Shape Your Abdominal Muscles

The Fruit Belly from Romy Dollé is a book that is written to deal with digestive stress, it’s a side effect of the digestive stress brought on many common low-fat and plants-heavy diets, especially those diligent about eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains. The common situation is that a lot of people even when they are not really fat, they have "belly fat". In this case The Swiss author, Romy Dollé offers a practical solution for everyone.

About the book

The fruit Belly book contains a lot of information related to the common and basic belly problem. Dole wants to explain some general misconceptions, that lead people to perform the wrong diet or exercise to lose their weight and shape their stomach muscles. Through his book, Romy Dollé suggests a 4 Day Quick Fix Plan to relieve some stomach distress. This plan will guide you to arrange a good diet including the menu and schedule. Some people would love to call it a “no diet” diet.

Sample meal plan:
  • Breakfast - Beef + Carrot Smoothie
  • Lunch - Chicken breast with sweet potato + Carrot salad
  • Dinner  - Spinach topped with Salmon
  • Snack - ½ portion of breakfast, lunch and dinner
Fruit Belly: A 4-Day Quick Fix To Relieve Bloating Caused By High Carb, High Fruit Diets
Different from most guide books that may contain long descriptions and explanations, the Fruit Belly comes with a lot of interesting pictures. The pictures come in good angle to illustrate the method and the step of their suggestion.

There is also a picture about human metabolism and the fat distribution system inside the body. The illustration provides a simple way for everyone to learn about human general digestive system. in addition, there are also some recipes and exercise tips to support the readers building their perfect Abs.

Here’s what you can expect from Fruit Belly:
  • Delicious, affordable recipes to ease digestive distress and boost fat loss
  • Menu guidelines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • A lifestyle plan to optimize sleep, workouts, and stress management
  • A photo-illustrated roster of simple core-strengthening stretches and exercises (that you can do almost anywhere!)
  • The “Four-Day Quick Fix” to relieve bloating and achieve immediate improvements in your midsection
  • Food intolerance tests and protocols
  • Easy-to-understand explanations for how the human body digests and distribute nutrients in food
  • An exploration of the biochemical connection between mind and body that drives our sense of satiety
  • Inspiring testimonials
What the readers say

So, what the readers say about the book? In general, this book is rated 4 out of 5 by the readers. Most readers seem to be happy with the book and Dolle's writings. They said that the book gives them an easy time to read and to understand the instructions. The best part about the book is that She includes the illustration of the general digestive system and fat distribution in the human body. It helps the readers to adjust their diet and even to create their own daily menu.

Although it seems to be a practical and easy to follow, some people seem to be less happy with the method. The holistic solutions that are offered are just too general. When it comes to the exercise suggestions, the book suggests simple workout tips to burn fat around the belly.

The exercise guideline is actually pretty easy to follow, but it is also very basic. It may be good for people who rarely exercise, but the Fruit Belly may not be the best book for anyone who has already been used to exercise.


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