A Healthy Diet Guide for Detox and Weight Loss

Fresh Fruit Cleanse: Detox, Lose Weight and Restore Your Health with Nature's Most Delicious Foods
A Healthy Diet Guide for Detox and Weight Loss

More and more people want to get healthier naturally, but not all of them get the best way to keep them happy. Leanne Hall comes with her book, the Fresh Fruit Cleanse to give you some help. It is not only just a recipe book. It will guide you to a day by day detox program to get you healthier.

Since the book contains some guide to help you be healthier with some fruit recipes, it is important for you know the author. It is actually written by Leanne Hall. She is a Yoga trainer who has been learning about nutrition and the human body since 2001. Her experience teaches her that exercise is not enough to get you healthy. One of the most important thing is to focus on the inside of your body.

Leanne Hall suggests people to reduce the toxic inside the body. It will be very helpful to keep somebody health both physically and mentally. Thus, she believes that the right detoxification method is important. However, she also knows that not all people are able to follow a hard way to detox their body. In this case, through her Fresh Fruit Cleanse, Leanne Hall offers a step by step method to get everybody healthier.

The Fresh Fruit Cleanse promotes
4 Types of Cleanses:

The book will guide you to start a healthy diet. The diet will not make you hungry all the time, instead you will be guided to be realized that it is important to eat healthy food with a balanced menu everyday.

1 -Day Fruit Blast: It comes with a guide to start the detoxification from the first day. You will be guide to enjoy some fruit blast recipes on the two first days. The fruit blast would improve your immune system and get you more energy.

3 -Day Reset Cleanse: Then, it is followed by the reset cleanse menu. This program will help you to get a healthier skin, clearer mind, and fresher body. For people who want to lose weight there are some easy tips in this step.

5 -Day Rebalance Cleanse: After resetting the body metabolism, the program will be followed by the re-balance cleanse program. Recharge and realign your body as you release toxins while enjoying hearty all-fruit meals.

7 -Day Detox Diet: Enjoy a full nutrient-packed week of delicious fresh fruit for maximum results. It is where the real detoxification happens.

What are the benefits?

The Fresh Fruit Cleanse promotes healthy and safe weight loss, as well as balancing the body's nervous system. Beginning with the digestive system, the Fresh Fruit Cleanse restores metabolism levels and makes the peristaltic action of the intestines stronger. Redevelop your desire and taste for healthier foods and awaken confidence in your ability to control life's choices.

According to the readers, the steps in this book are quite easy and safe. Different from any extreme diet method, Leanne Hall suggests more enjoyable diet. The recipes offer you tasty meals with fruits as the main ingredients. It means you don't have to worry about anything unsafe to follow the guidelines in Fresh Fruit Cleanse.



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